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UX Design Ted Talks you should check out


The three ways that good design makes you happy

Don Norman, a well-known design advocate and co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group, discusses the impact of good design on our happiness and well-being.


Design and the Elastic Mind

Paola Antonelli, a curator at the Museum of Modern Art, explores the role of design in our rapidly changing world and how design can help us adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the future


The Art of Innovation

Guy Kawasaki, a venture capitalist and former Apple evangelist, talks about innovation and the keys to creating innovative products and services.


Got a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast

Tom Wujec, a design thinking expert, discusses how design thinking can be used to address complex and “wicked” problems in various domains.


How Giant Websites Design for You (and a billion others, too)

Margaret Gould Stewart shares insights into how design is approached at scale for massive online platforms, considering the diverse needs and perspectives of a vast user base.


The Simple Genius of a Good Graphic

Tommy McCall, a data visualization expert, talks about the power of simple and effective graphic design in conveying complex information.

Tommy McCall


Design at the Intersection of Technology and Biology

Neri Oxman, a designer and researcher, discusses how design can intersect with technology and biology to create sustainable and innovative solutions.

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